You can easily create your own fully indexed, linked webpages for online presentation of your genealogy data. Sharing your genealogy data have never been easier!

You can select the people you want to include on your webpages. From selecting one ancestor or decendants-line to presenting your whole database. You can also select how much information you want to include for each person. Including pictures from your database is also done with a mouseclick.

Note particularly the possibility to limit data for living persons. For reasons of privacy people included in your database who are still living may not want their personal details published. If you have ticked the alive box when entering their data originally you can ensure their privacy is respected.

Create your own look easy!
The posibillity to set backgrounds, textcolors, fonts and so on means you get your webpages created exactly the way you want them.

WF 10 detail from webside WF 10 Family Tree shown too


Look here for an example of a WinFamily 10 webpage

  • WinFamily 10

    WinFamily 10 will show you the new generation of genealogy programs. WinFamily 10 is based on the top selling WinFamily 6.02, but it's totally rebuilt to a modern, easy to use, high end product.
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    Download the demoversion of WinFamily 10 and get started right away with registering your familydata.

    WinFamily 10 is very easy to use, and we think it's the easiest genealogy program to work with. Amateurs and first time users gets the quickest start into the world of genealogy ever. Professionals find all the functionality they expect, and more. Try it, for free!

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