Pricing information

**Special offer for present WF 2009 licensholders:
Free upgrade until further notice (re-use codes)


pil_hvit  WinFamily 10 Full License: $ 46

pil_hvit  Upgrade from WinFamily 6.02: $ 30

pil_hvit  Demo: The demo gives you full functionality for 21 days for FREE.

pil_hvit  WF 6.02 Classic (Relaunch of the popular predecessor program,  max. 65,000 people) $ 23


Download WinFamily version

By clicking the download link beneath, you will be able to download the file winfamily.exe.
After you have downloaded and saved the file, you have to doubleclick the file to start the installation prosess. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the installation.

This programfile gives you full functionality for 21 days. When you decide to buy the license, you keep all the data you have registered in the demoversion. No reinstallation is necessary. Just enter the lisenscode and your on your way.


(This is the full install and also the demo download)       


Quickguide for WinFamily 10 – Nice to have (4 pages comming soon)

  • WinFamily 10

    WinFamily 10 will show you the new generation of genealogy programs. WinFamily 10 is based on the top selling WinFamily 6.02, but it's totally rebuilt to a modern, easy to use, high end product.
  • Free demo

    Download the demoversion of WinFamily 10 and get started right away with registering your familydata.

    WinFamily 10 is very easy to use, and we think it's the easiest genealogy program to work with. Amateurs and first time users gets the quickest start into the world of genealogy ever. Professionals find all the functionality they expect, and more. Try it, for free!

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