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Pricelist Winfamily 10

  • WinFamily 10 Full License: DKR. 299,00 (Aprox. $ 47,00)

    (The order page will show you the price in your currency)

  • Upgrade from WinFamily 6.02 and WinFamily 2009: DKR: 199,00 (Aprox. $ 31,00)

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Free WinFamily 10 demo

The WinFamily 10 demo gives you full functionality for 21 days for FREE.
Download WinFamily 10 By clicking the download link beneath, you will be able to download the file winfamily.exe. After you have downloaded and saved the file, you have to doubleclick the file to start the installation process. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the installation.

This program file gives you full functionality for 21 days. When you decide to buy the license, you keep all the data you have registered in the demo version. No reinstallation is necessary. Just enter the license code and your on your way.

DOWNLOAD WinFamily 10:

Windows 10: Winfamily.EXE

Windows 11: Same link as above, but «Open link in a new window» (right click on the link) and install.  

(Version – This is the full install and also the demo download)

User Manual:

(Check out help files, in varius languages, with F1 in the program)

Manual WinFamily 10 – dansk ver 24092013 (present in danish language).

Previus WinFamily editions still going strong:

  • WinFamily 6.02 CLASSIC: DKR. 150,00 (Aprox. $ 23,00)

(The order page will show you the price in your currency)

WF 6.02 Classic is a previous edition from 1999 easy to use and create homepages etc. Its an retro-look-alike-design, now in a 64-bit version. Still a very popular and sought by genealogists worldwide: Limited to max. aprox. 64.000 persons (then you need to upgrade). WF 6.02 Classic runs in shareware (with some feature limits), until to do an order for a license to have all features.